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The Face in the Abyss by Abraham Merritt
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The Face in the Abyss

by Abraham Merritt

6 ratings, 3 reviews

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Don Durham

May 16, 2013

Good read. I'm curious if the errors appear in the original or if they are due to poor transcription. Kon sometimes Ken, Graydon sometimes Greyden.


Buck Brown

February 27, 2013

If this novel was solely a great adventure yarn, I would recommend it without reservation, but it is really so much more. Drawing upon the richness of the late Victorian gothic novelists, with their interest in pseudo-science (Stevenson, Haggard, and Wells), The Face in the Abyss also explores the landscape and history of a lost world with a detail and in a way that goes far beyond that of The Lost World and The Land That Time Forgot. The novel also has a touch of Lovecraftian horror and even seems to prefigure some of the ideas in The Lord of the Rings, and one has to wonder if Tolkien was familiar with this wonderful little book, which crosses over so many genres.


Marie Macedo

July 05, 2012

Great read... This book would have made an awesome movie...