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The Mind and the Brain by Alfred Binet
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The Mind and the Brain

by Alfred Binet

3 ratings, 1 review

“This book is a prolonged effort to establish a distinction between what is called mind and what is called matter. Nothing is more simple than to realise this distinction when you do not go deeply into it; nothing is more difficult when you analyse it a little. At first sight, it seems impossible to confuse things so far apart as a thought and a block of stone; but on reflection this great contrast vanishes, and other differences have to be sought which are less apparent and of which one has not hitherto dreamed.” (from The Mind and the Brain)

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3 ratings, 1 review

Krishnan Nair

August 18, 2012

Everything appears in conciousness.Wthout that no matter can exist .At the same time conciousness can exist without objects .S o what appears as the universe is conciousness ie.Knowingness alone.The author clearly exposes this fact .A very nice book about reality !!!