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Humility by Andrew Murray
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by Andrew Murray

6 ratings, 3 reviews

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Randy Burrows

January 09, 2013

I lost myself as I found the humility of Christ. Though not intended, but a magnificent "how to" book!


Angele Guerrero

November 27, 2012

I enjoy the older sermons and books This book brings to light how important humbling your self is ... Really puts things into perspective, since The Lord humbled him self to do Gods will on the cross ( for us ). I think ,how can I know or imitate Jesus? How can I if I don't truly consider and review my motives in all thing ( little and big ) ? Question- am I humbled or.. Am I doing what I want? I pray lord give me a eyes to see and a humbled spirit to ask your will and obey.


C Belcher

October 10, 2012

Again and again and again I found myself in awe of Jesus. His undefiled and perfect love is astounding. A must read for anyone with even the remotest desire to be in right-standing with God.