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Missing: Page Thirteen by Anna Katharine Green
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Missing: Page Thirteen

by Anna Katharine Green

9 ratings, 3 reviews

Violet Strange, a clever petite detective, is called upon to solve the mystery of a page gone missing from an important document. The futures of several people, including an eccentric misanthrope, a chemical scientist, a bride and groom, depend on the quick resolution of this problem. In solving one mystery, she uncovers another which dates back many years.

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9 ratings, 3 reviews

Rose Palmer

March 05, 2013

I enjoy listing to this book very much. Full of wonderful subjects. I most likely will listen to it again one of these cold chilly nights with a hot cup of chocolate.


Tricia Nord

September 26, 2012

I love love love this author. My greatest disappointment this book was how short was, because I wanted to enjoy it so much longer. It showed me how confident she is in her storytelling though to produce such a short book that left me as a reader for the most part satisfied. The characters are always very well described and I generally feel quite an attachment to more than one. Her way of holding the secret back till the end is amazing. And at the end of the book I still have questions which leads my imagination to fill in the rest. Sometimes that is quite irritating, but also it must be pretty enjoyable for the writer to know that we could answer some questions are own way. The narration was excellent, and the story started in such a way that they never would've imagined attornment and the ending guessed that arrived to change the whole situation of just a dinner party, a stuffy one at that. I can't wait to find another book of this author.


Monique Repking

November 07, 2011

Enjoyed it thoroughly. Excellent story and the narration was perfect.