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The Leavenworth Case by Anna Katharine Green
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The Leavenworth Case

by Anna Katharine Green

5 ratings, 5 reviews

Anna Katharine Green was one of the first female mystery writers to publish under her own name. She was never very successful as an author, but the technical excellence of her books caused several law schools to use The Leavenworth Case as a textbook in some of their classes, as an example of how misleading circumstantial evidence can be.

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5 ratings, 5 reviews

Toni Casey

April 13, 2013

Good story but dragged at first


Bert Kortegaard

December 19, 2012

Far too lengthy, as was the custom. Listened to the start of boredom, jumped to chapter 36, and it was a fine read.


Kayla Smith

December 13, 2012

Awesome book, as well as great narration.


Tricia Nord

October 13, 2012

Tho a good length, and the author covered everything, I still wanted more. That is a good story well told with lots of twists, and had me like, then dislike, then like again the characters. I saw every part of the story vividly. Anne is so very descriptive of the times and the people involved in the story, without over explaining. The narrator did an excellent job, and I was glad she did the whole book. Her voices had subtle changes that weren't ridiculous, yet I knew who she was speaking for. I loved every bit of this story. It would make a great movie!


Cynthia Margiotta

August 16, 2012

Well done.