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An Englishwoman's Love-Letters by Anonymous
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An Englishwoman's Love-Letters

by Anonymous

5 ratings, 0 reviews

An Englishwoman's Love-Letters, though published anonymously, was actually written by Lawrence Housman, who was English but not a woman as far as anyone can tell. Lawrence Housman was the younger brother of A.E. Housman, a famous English poet of his day, but Lawrence did reach a modicum of success himself with this book. Otherwise he was a successful illustrator until his eyesight began to fail.

Reading reviews of this book it becomes clear that people think it's actually written by an Englishwoman, which if nothing else is a testament to the author's ability to convey a feminine tone and sensitivity. It is written in a style that is romantic, but not excessively gushy or flowery. After this book Lawrence moved onto playwriting, which he would have been more successful at were it not for his tendency to depict religious and royal figures, which were considered taboo in turn-of-the-20th-century England.

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