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The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, vol 10 by Anonymous
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The Journal of Abnormal Psychology, vol 10

by Anonymous

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The Journal of Abnormal Psychology is a publication put out by the APA on basic research and theory in the field of abnormal behavior. But, what is abnormal behavior? As this is a journal from the earlier 1900's, abnormal is seemingly more abnormal than usual. Or given time has it become more normal? Occasionally the researchers or the topics themselves seem a bit "crazy."

Writing by adherents to the American Psychological Association can be dry: APA style as it's called, has to be exacting, and thus, sometimes dull. But the following topics from 1915 are interesting, and sometimes "culturally insensitive." Here are some examples:

Hysteria as a Weapon in Marital Conflicts
The Analysis of a Nightmare
Constructive Delusions
Two Interesting Cases of Illusion of Perception
A Psychological Analysis of Stuttering
The Origin of Supernatural Explanations
Data Concerning Delusions of Personality
The Sex Worship and Symbolism of Primitive Races
The Psychoanalytic Treatment of Hystero-Epilepsy
On the Genesis and Meaning of Tics
A Case of Possession

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Lina Baba

April 25, 2013

Very intersting book! It helps a lot in knowing ourselves and our comportements.. A must read!