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Inaugural Address by Barack Obama
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Inaugural Address

by Barack Obama

285 ratings, 77 reviews

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Jula Duck

October 17, 2015

This book is by Barack Obama - oops that is a spoiler . I guess this isn't a great review!!! Lol


Collin Cross

April 16, 2014

Hi just because obama isnt the best president doesnt mean that his book is bad.


Brody Niskanen

January 30, 2014

I didnt read it but i respect him, his family, the government ( for the most part ) and most of all THIS COUNTRY. All of those idiots who say he cant run this country and say he is dumb well shame on you.And you say its full of lies and dumb well half of the reviews i have read they cant even spell the or stupid right . Those reviews are mostly on this book and I think he is a wonderful president you people try to make everybody happy and run a whole country full of millions of people then see when you have the time to do every single thing right.


Norman Del Ponte

December 15, 2013

What a pack of contrived lies. Shame on him.


Amy Crubaugh Lowe

December 11, 2013

Worst President Ever.


Oran Fluharty

December 11, 2013

Obama is a horrible president. He makes the most stupid mstakes. No offense but honestly ive been studying movements around the world and some secret movements have been made. I think he might start world war three.


Debbie Stroman

December 08, 2013

This address is historical. President Obama speaks of truth that this nation will stand together and let no man or country tear us apart.


Jeah B

December 06, 2013

Obama cant even run this country i think his wife is doing it for him. I mean seruiosly he cant even stand in the rain he has to have somone carry an umbrella for him.


Geeves Ozburn

October 21, 2013

Obama is so stupid. No one read this book unless you want to read it to read obamas lies and ignorance. I hate obama, he made my family lose their job and we are about to lose our home too!


Rebecka Harhart

October 19, 2013

It humors me to read this after several years have gone by.


Bobby Finkleburg

October 15, 2013

Obama is sucketh he should just quit cuz he is stoopid and smart! I wish alfred my broder could read cuz he needs to see how dumba nd smart obamasllama is and so he knows how to be a trickster and poop on the united states. If you are reading this you are a hoe and have issues regarding your sexual activity


Jesse Jarvis

October 10, 2013

Obama is an idiot and every word that he says is a lie


Pakkam Rajasekaran

October 09, 2013



Carson Howard

October 02, 2013

This nook is the worst ever written


Helion Cruz

September 25, 2013

I am an American only because of a historical accident, I was born in Puerto Rico. For many years I resented the cavalier manner the US have treated my country and the rampant racism in this, so tremondously blessed country. For the country to have elected a black man as president, really made me think that, perhaps, America is finally coming of age


SAE Etienne

September 17, 2013

The only brick dumb folks .. Are the ones who are idiots to jobs they'll never Have ,Nor their seed after them. Let a black man be a visionary for this Great Country .. And only the racist call it imaginary .. Get use to a Country that has changed and now sows and shows the signs . Balance is what life will always call for .. But an unjust balance tips the scale . Without Our Black President bringing balance to our Land of the free .. We would have tipped over these last 5 years.


Anonymous Anonymous

September 04, 2013

Obama is a liar, a coward, and yes ,what most of you think,a puppet.He has alot of potential to be a good president but he got us into a war we can not win,terrorism,terrorism is an idea which means anybody could be a terrorist without a bomb.A terrorist is somebody who does something to inflict,if thats the right word,terror and that is what obama is doing right now.He is causing terror by having the media lie to us and make us believe that everything is just a walk in the park.America needs to wake up.


Michelle Seeley

August 19, 2013

Can you say, dumb? This is just more lies, from a man who would not know the truth if it bit him in the ass.


Rosemary Randall

July 19, 2013

Wants to be a good man, but isn't given a chance by anyone who matters.


Thomas Vetto

June 13, 2013

This fellow is a communist. As an American that is his right. He is Islamic. Again, that is his right. He thinks late-term abortions are a legitimate form of birth control. His right. He mispronounces 'corpsman' and grins as he does it. He bows from the waist to the Saudi king. Is he President? Yes...


Bill Boy

June 08, 2013

America has deeply rooted hatred for blacks, nothing that a black man says has ever been perceived as visionary, sorry folks but sooner or later history will be seen but not through your bigoted eyes from the jim crow era but from the optimistic eyes of your children and grandchildren, the ones whose minds not poisoned by past racism to the point of no redemption. Thank God your lot is gonna disappear soon, the writing is on the wall.


Boris Yeltzin

May 20, 2013

Same nonsense as always. All talk, arrogant and cowardly man.


Sacha Mitchell

April 26, 2013

People that mention ignorance know nothing but such.... If any of you have deigned to watch the news, you will see we have an open, honest and hard working leader willing to tell us exactly what he wants to do, why he wants to do it, and what his road blocks are. I am so proud that America got out of their hillbilly slump and decided it was time for a real man and a real person to be our president. I do not feel the same shame and embarrassment, nor do I feel obliged to defend Americans when we travel abroad. This was not a mistake. This is America waking up. Goodness bless Obama, for I'll take goodness over God any day.


Chris Timson

March 06, 2013

Absolute hypocrisy! I find it difficult to even call Obama a man because he has been such a puppet to Hilary Clinton! She has been a true dictatorial master as she has forged her policies and then led Obama (and the American voting fools) to believe they were actually his ideas! Be warned America! You have been fooled not once but twice! Perhaps the thinly veiled sharia law that the Muslms are slowly encroaching upon you will wake you up. But by that point it will be too late. If it isn't already!



March 03, 2013

L..Lee were we reading the same speech ? It was well writen and well delivred. It will take its place in History as he will, its just a pity that such a great Nation rips itself apart . But his speech at least tries to bring it togeather without predudice .


L. Lee

March 03, 2013

Our President should re-read his words. This speech deserves one star, because of the hope of the words, and respect for the office. It will not stand in history as one of the greatest speeches of all time.


Valencia Mcguire

March 02, 2013

Great views. What this country needs to hear. : )


William Nagy

February 25, 2013

The man is dumb as a brick. He sounds like Fiedel Castro, full of meaningless phrases. He is not qualified to be a president. The bihggest hoax in American history. He could not pass a clearance to be commissioned in the US Army. He was elected by five states. Something is wrong with the system.he didn't write this, he read it on telepromter. Anybody critisizing him is labeled as racist. A president who bows to princes, disrespets the military, "marine corp's" instead of corps, who thinks we have 56 states, pro late term abortion, declares himself "fellow Muslim" in Egypt, has no experience to run a business just critisizes and badmouths America will go down as disgrace to the US. Not worth the paper it is written on.


Catherine OConnell

February 21, 2013

Found it to say exactly the same thing he always says.


James Marrow

February 20, 2013

Obama is the first fraud ever to have fooled the takers of America into believing their handouts can survive with a shrinking level of unwilling donors. Every clear-thinker knows this, but others believe naively in this profoundly in-American president.


Al Pett

February 19, 2013

Informative book, It is so sad that many are blaming President Obama for our nations state, when it comes to unemployment. The war that Bush drove this conutry to the ground with might be considered first. Some people just dont want to give obama a chance...and we all know why!!!


Brennen mcnabb

February 17, 2013

Not even worth downloading


Herb Oxendine

February 14, 2013

Worst world leader ever. Singlehandedly destroying the greatest nation the world has ever known. The king of all narcissists


Evan Smith

February 07, 2013

I thought this book was pretty good. I found it a little biased, but nonetheless it was an easy read. Oh and Bbtw, Brian Grosvalet, it you want to get your point across, try telling the truth. One more thing; its SPOKEN, not speaken


Darron Russ

February 04, 2013

The President talks but his words are meaningless. They fall on the ears of the millions of unemployed that he created and ignored. When he finally leaves, he will leave devestation and a country facing backruptcy. Where the hope in that?


Bukslav Ro

February 02, 2013

Truly inspiring, as only a few can be. This President will be inspiring the masses long after he has left his post. History will forget the small minds of his detractors, those who ineffectively try to diminish, disparage and demean him, but his legacy will live on for the ages. History will be his BFF.


Chance Baker

January 24, 2013

If it werent for the republican filibusters in congress, this president would already be known widely as the best president in our nations history.


Branden Grosvalet

January 21, 2013

Speaken by a true secular socialist whose hidden agenda is to destroy the principles of our Constitution and bring an end to America's super power status.


Vivian Martin

January 12, 2013

Inspiring....and the very reason why President Obama was reelected. He is such a visionary. If only those against him would put aside their biases and put the same amount of support to help him, they would clearly see that he is not the enemy and that he is trying to help them and this country. The things he is fighting for, he already has so his fight isn't for himself; it's for others. I wish his opposers would just take off their blinders because if they did, then they would experience true freedom.


Masen Yaro

January 05, 2013

If you want an accurate revelation of this deceiver you call President watch 2016 the movie it will show all of you that the people who voted for him voted on color, handouts, communist agenda or are just plane ignorant a.k.a are youth of today that get spoon fed the lies of todays media.


Gavin Jordison

January 04, 2013

This book gave me an inspiration on life


Joseph Cleary

December 26, 2012

It has been aparent that many people do not like President Obama. I do believe that racism, and hate are the motivations. His run for his second term definitly showed how the republicans lied. Its a tragety that this great country has our so called leaders not doing there jobs. Bickering , trying toget their point across, with out understanding that they were elected there to serve the nation not their individual needs, but the whole country !! The people spoke this election in what the majority wanted. I believe that in two years we will speak again, and vote the greedy ones out...God Bless. America


Obama a.k.a 2 Termz

December 17, 2012

Go suck a d haters.


Maya Goodman

December 08, 2012

I think that this is an very inspirational book. I also think that people should not just rate this book, leave a comment saying how bad Obama is, and then not even read it! It is not his fault that George Bush Jr. made the economy so poor, and then Obama gad to pick up the pieces, kudos to him.


Sashank Kini

November 15, 2012

This speech evokes feelings of patriotism and hope with immaculate eloquence. Its no wonder Obama won the elections that year; an important line in the address is 'we need to bring a change' - so you see, despite talking about maintaining harmony and good relations with other nations, Obama still believes that only US will be ble to initiate this change. And Americans are certainly proud bunch with the attitude ' US is the strongest nation in the world', and the prospect of initiating the change being the 'strongest' would have swept them into Obama's support. The speech is very similar to Lincoln's inspiring Gettysberg Address in the sense that national sentiments are evoked and reinded how their should continue working just like their forefathers. Even if you are a Conservative or a strong Obama hater, you have to admit that he can sweep the crowd like Antony did the play ' Julius Caesar'! A fantastic read.


Pen Guin

November 08, 2012



Kim Perry

September 29, 2012

This speech deserves a read. It was very well received in 2009 but in 2012 the hypocrisy and bitter truth is more evident. Sir, this Koolaid makes me feel funny!


Jon Marston

September 20, 2012

Bill marcum you dont know anything


Bill Marcum

September 20, 2012

Nonsense for the typical weak-minded american.


Charles Martin

September 14, 2012

And hopefuly it is his last inaugural address


Jordan Ancic

September 13, 2012

He's right we need to pick ours selves up and dust our selves off and fix our nation.


Arwen Rhea

September 08, 2012

He has accomplished so much regardless of the ignoranances, bigotry, and greedy men that has fought him every step of the way. Here is to another 4 years!!!!


Rachel Frink

September 03, 2012

Wonderfully written. I happened to understand everything which was said, which is unusual because politicians normally use goobiligop speak rendering it impossible to understand or stay awake.


Romario Quijano

August 26, 2012

Quite amazing. We've come a long way. The president could have done worse be he chose to give this speech and this country his all. Beautiful.


Lisa Vandeveer

August 11, 2012



Grace Adams

July 19, 2012

A pretty speech for petulant fools.


Donna Bird

July 16, 2012

It's good to know that every president do their best and has to fight to accomplish their goals . It's about the people not the party. But in the party it is about their wallets than the people.



July 06, 2012

Horse crap from the mouth of the Manchurian Candidate


Revie Michelle Lang Smith

May 21, 2012

This speech is a nice read after four years. The historical context of four years go must be considered. So much needed to be done for our country,and we are still a work in progress. It will be good to read President Obama's next address once he is re-elected.


Alfredo Alphonzo

May 19, 2012

Hope and change BS. This political jibberish has no place among a collection of classics. At least give credit to the real author, Jon Favreau.


Mc C

May 07, 2012

Full of hype, like Obama.


Vijay Raghavan

May 07, 2012

Reading your address after 4 years to see what is done and to be done, leaves TOBE DONE is a larger part Mr BO. However, it was an inspiring speech


Cynthia Hale

April 23, 2012

It is apt that this telling speech should find itself on your "Classic" list along with the Communist Manefesto, for this president will go down in the history books as the president who suceeded in his well-documented mission to decimated the United States from within ridding the world of a most uncommon and magnificent experiment in freedom and prosperity it has ever known or will ever see the likes of again.


Lee Boyd

April 09, 2012

Great speech everyone should reread before they vote in November


Nivea Watson

April 07, 2012

I loved this ,most kids don't like reading, but I do ,I just could not stop reading it!!!!!!!!:)it had great details, talked about real life problems today America .


Victoria Williams

March 23, 2012

Wow! Praying this is his last inaugural speech


Gavino Shaffer

March 20, 2012

Obama didn't stray from the hardships Bush left us with but left inspiring words


Bria Swan

February 15, 2012

I luv it


Bryan Arangorin

February 07, 2012

Obama's words are strong and inspiring (: he left courage to his followers. He contained his changes on what or how we can make a change in this united country. Well written/ spoken.


Jason Morley

January 20, 2012

living in the reality of his tenure so df


Dennis Ineman

January 19, 2012

He is a true visionary. Let's hope he can get more cooperation from the skeptics in the years to come.


Cheryl L Ford

December 29, 2011

Had to read by myself. Understanding is awesome.


Jeremy Newman

December 29, 2011

A brilliant speech


Amber Ortega-Perez

December 24, 2011

This should not be on the same list as Shakespeare and Homer. If Obama's Inaugural speech is on this list then where is Lincoln's Gettysburg address?


Elliott Pinkham

November 05, 2011

A liar from the start ! His own words prove his very lies. Well done !


Gary Evans

August 17, 2011

I and my whole family really are ecstatic that finally this country has a legitimate leader and the bonus is he knows how to speak like an intelligent person should. GOD BLESS AMERiCA!!!!


Aaron Wilson

July 17, 2011

A fantastically well written image of what it means to live in America. President Obama's image of America's place in the world is coupled with memorable imagery and references to some of America's most distinguishing moments. This inaugural address is an excellent outline of what America's goals need to be, and if you are ever in doubt of the greatness of our country (amidst what appears to be scandalous politics and an overbearing government) then read this, and it will remind you why we, the people of the United States of America, work so hard, and what we should all stand for in this new age.