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The Autobiography of Ben Franklin by Benjamin Franklin
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The Autobiography of Ben Franklin

by Benjamin Franklin

16 ratings, 3 reviews

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Saj Taheri

April 14, 2013

I really like this book but I'm sceard too


Krocket TheBear

May 04, 2012

The greatest errata of my youth(as Benjamin Franklin would put it) thus far is my absence from reading. Now as a writer, and merely a developing man, I truly wish it had been my early venue of entertainment; for the wisdom, virtue and inspiration received from books is grossly unopposed. This is a dim portrayal of the rest of the world which I am warming up to. It is my opinion that any entertainment outside of reading is a vice in comparison. My greatest advice to anyone, after reading of the effect literature alone had on heroic Ben. Franklin's life, to which he ascribes many of his accomplishments, would be simply: read. As a writer I have come to know that one can never write more than he has read via great force and frustration. I have also come to realize how unnecessary my faults have been. Had I been more read, I'd have been more learned, and in turn more versed. My perfect prose may one day be upon me by the graces of the good lord's blessings; literature being one of many. It is said: "A man reading is handsome in the eyes of the lord. " And according to my observed philosophies of Benjamin Franklin, a dose of vanity can be healthy in a mans character, beneficial in his dealings and a source to be taught from. The man himself was full of it and mostly due to the knowledge amassed from reading. His own account of his life was nothing short of an advantageous inspiration to me. Read.


Avtgvtv Gtbtg

March 08, 2012

Best book