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The Magnificent Ambersons by Booth Tarkington
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The Magnificent Ambersons

by Booth Tarkington

13 ratings, 8 reviews

In a world where a gentleman’s life is defined more “by being, rather than by doing,” a family’s reputation can be compromised if it is not guarded carefully, and the sole heir of the Amberson family is proving himself to be a difficult person. Expected by the family to carry on its proud traditions, George Amberson Minafer is trusted implicitly. But though rich relatives provide the elegant suits, the handsome young man who wears them is filled with little but appearances. And this happens in spite of, or perhaps, because of, his mother’s selfless love that places him above her own happiness.As George’s uncle perceptively remarks, “life and money both behave like loose quicksilver in a nest of cracks.” With the new automobile industry transforming fortunes and coal heat transforming city air into sooty clouds, anything that stands still is apt to be run over, or at least begrimed.What is magnificent about the Ambersons is their faithful reliance on old money and old ways in a world changing rapidly around them. Or perhaps it is the magnificence of the train-wreck created when George’s relatives, with the best intentions, shield him from the new realities and defer to all his wishes.Booth Tarkington’s most popular novel, “The Magnificent Ambersons”, will continue to draw readers for its well-crafted portraits of what existed for just a short while – the Mid-Western aristocracy.

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13 ratings, 8 reviews

Charl Harper

February 06, 2014

Interesting tale of the time of transition between old, inherited money and the new money of industrialists. Tarkington shows us a world that is coming to an end and the less elegant one replacing it. I would give it 5stars, but I found the ending to be rushed and weak. Still, it is worth the time spend listening to the audio or reading the book.


Elizabeth Harris

January 02, 2014

Perfect Reader for this book and well done! Good story.


Audrey Powers

October 31, 2013

Absorbing story and so well read. The narrator has such a pleasant voice. Well done.


Jo-Anna Gambino Halvorson

March 11, 2013

I don't know yet.


Susan Drapeau

October 10, 2012

Certainly one of the best narrators I've heard in an audio book. This is a great story wittily written and flawlessly narrated.


Jane McGinnis

May 25, 2012

Great story!


Renee Foubert

February 08, 2012

Excellent reading, such a pleasant voice


Tanya Avines

September 28, 2011

First Chapter made me not want to listen at all. But I endured. Rich, poor, selfish, small town... Beginning of the Auto industry. Then it perked up & I didn't hate the book as much. But still the Characters were soooooooo unlikable!!