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Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker
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Dracula's Guest

46 ratings, 4 reviews

Dracula's Guest by Bram Stoker is "short story" to some degree, as it was originally a part of Dracula itself, but was removed for publishing reasons. For those who love the original vampire tale, you might read this as its "lost chapter," and with it there are seven additional short stories. In the preface to the original edition of Dracula's Guest and Other Weird Stories, Stoker's widow Florence, who published this volume posthumously, wrote, "To his original list of stories in this book, I have added an hitherto unpublished episode from Dracula. It was originally excised owing to the length of the book, and may prove of interest to the many readers of what is considered my husband's most remarkable work."

One of the finer stories in this collection is "The Judge's House," which may be one of the best "haunted house" stories in literature. This collection proves Stoker's worth as a master of the Gothic horror genre beyond his classic masterpiece Dracula.The collection includes:

▪ "Dracula's Guest"
▪ "The Judge's House"
▪ "The Gipsy Prophecy"
▪ "The Coming of Abel Behenna"
▪ "The Burial of the Rats"
▪ "A Dream of Red Hands"
▪ "Crooken Sands"
▪ "The Secret of the Growing Gold"

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Damon Chatterton

November 19, 2013

The 'lost chapter' from Dracula is quite a treat, & 'The Burial of the Rats' is truly horrific!


Madison_ Ziegler

April 25, 2013

amazing book!


Tishtish Catlett

June 30, 2012

Was a great read!!


Mackenzie Beck

January 15, 2012

This book was one of the best books ever!!!!😃