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Caligula by C. Suetonius Tranquillus
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by C. Suetonius Tranquillus

15 ratings, 4 reviews

Caligula was one of the Twelve Caesars who are illuminated in the great work by Suetonius. If you want to read about one of the "baddies," that is, one of the most deranged leaders in the history of History, you'll enjoy this one. Not much is known about Caligula, but it is established that his father, Germanicus, was a brilliant military leader, love throughout Rome. He was so loved that Tiberius, the emperor, adopted him with intentions of having a successor. When Germanicus dies Caligula becomes emperor.

Suetonius mentions that Caligula married his own sister, threatened to make his horse consul, and according to one rumor said he had his soldiers pick sea shells on their way to invade Britain (clearly the man was nuts). He would have people assassinated randomly, and then call for them. When they failed to appear he said they must have committed suicide. Eventually Caligula would be assassinated at a Gladiatorial event by a disgruntled guard, but not after earning a reputation as one of the maddest of Caesars ever to rule.

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Belen Garcia

December 13, 2012

Very interesting if somewhat sparse account of Caligula's life & reign, as well as a little insight into the ancient Romans themselves. It is a quick read & makes me want to read up on more of the Caesars.


Jorge Garcia Bocanegra

August 14, 2012



Marife Chu

December 21, 2011



Jeffrey Browne

November 13, 2011

Nice and polite biography on one of the most interesting Caesars to have lived.