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The Autobiography of Charles Darwin by Charles Darwin
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The Autobiography of Charles Darwin

by Charles Darwin

11 ratings, 3 reviews

Originally titled Recollections of the Development of my Mind and Character, Charles Darwin's autobiography was intended for his family's records, but was subsequently published in 1887, five years after his death. The famed British naturalist, who championed the theory of evolution and natural selection, wrote simply and personably about his life, and in this book we see the unfolding of a man who was in love with life and nature.

Whether or not you've read his controversial and groundbreaking Origin of Species, Darwin's autobiography is a good read for anyone who is interested in Darwin the man: it sheds light on his personal relationships and his (often negative) views on religion. Also we come to see Darwin for the gentle, loving, brilliant man he was, outside of his role as eminent scientist. He doesn't recount the huge, life-altering events as much as the little details of his life, which makes his autobiography such an endearing and readable book.

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Gail Platts

November 05, 2012

Good read. A good reminder that the crooked path we follow can lead us to right where we need to be.


Seth Mathis

August 19, 2012

I was very surprised at just how talented of a writer Mr. Darwin was, but other then the flowing script, his accounts of his college life and the men who inspired him was quite an intresting collection indeed.


Gennie Mae Adona

May 21, 2012