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Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens
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Little Dorrit

4 ratings, 2 reviews

Born in the Marshalsea Prison for Debtors, Amy—Little Dorrit—the daughter of the ruined, but self-respectful William Dorrit, has put her entire heart in caring for her dear father, until one day her humble path is crossed by Arthur Clennam. Their meeting proves providential not only for Amy’s life, but for the whole Dorrit family, whose new rise will, in many ways, be also their fall. As in all his novels, in “Little Dorrit” Dickens ushers us into a fascinating and startlingly rich world of human characters and destinies, where virtue and nobility cross swords with vice and villainy, where strength and weakness intertwine with prejudice and magnanimity and where the author’s inspired pen wields a compelling and unforgettable power over the readers.

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4 ratings, 2 reviews

Sharon Webster

March 20, 2016

Well read Ellis!


Jeri O'Mahoney

September 22, 2012

All one expects of Dickens. There is poverty, wealth, reversals of fortune, intrigue, tragic and comic irony all conveyed in rich, complex, yet surgically precise language. The reader does a great job. There is a slight non-English accent I found distracting only at first. This was a great listen.