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Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens
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Oliver Twist

12 ratings, 5 reviews

Oliver Twist is an 1838 novel by Charles Dickens. It was originally published as a serial.Like most of Dickens’ work, the book is used to call the public’s attention to various contemporary social evils, including the workhouse, child labour and the recruitment of children as criminals. The novel is full of sarcasm and dark humour, even as it treats its serious subject, revealing the hypocrisies of the time.It has been the subject of numerous film and television adaptations, and the basis for a highly successful British musical, Oliver! (Summary from wikipedia)

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12 ratings, 5 reviews

Kate Schoeffel

June 04, 2013

Most of the narrators did a great job but a couple of the men need to stick to narrating rather than acting - overdoing the voice and accents( you need to be British to approximate a cockney or regional accent) Well read is better than badly acted. Dickens words read well is all that is needed


Melinda Grimes Mccoy

December 07, 2012

Haven't listened to it yet


Robin Freeney

September 26, 2012

Extremely enjoyable! I rather read than listen. I get a better picture in my mind of the sights, scenes and people. A bit pollyannish, but many of the stories ended up like that.


Alison Pottinger

August 11, 2012

I review the readers not the book or story. A little disconcerting to start with because each chapter has a different reader. Most of them make a good job of doing wonderful Dickensian voices for the characters. What would a Dicken's novel be without all the wonderful characters voices bought to life. So far (and I'm up to chapter 12) the mostly Northern American readers do a fantastic job of giving 'voice' to the characters. Well done. BTW the previous reviewer who declaimed this classic to be read by a 'German' must have only listened to the first chapter, which, in any case I enjoyed.


Martin Schelven

August 05, 2012

An old time English legendary piece of literature read by a German ;-)