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The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens
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The Life And Adventures Of Nicholas Nickleby

2 ratings, 1 review

The action takes place in London, with excursions to Devon, Yorkshire, and Portsmouth, as we follow the adventures of the eponymous hero. Nicholas is forced to unwelcome employment to help secure support for his widowed mother and his sister from their mercenary relative Ralph, on whose mercy they have been thrown. After many adventures Nicholas finally triumphs over his Uncle, although his success is also tinged with sadness. The book contains many memorable characters: the Yorkshire schoolmaster Wackford Squeers, the traveling thespian Vincent Crummles, the poor drudge Smike, the clerk Newman Noggs, and the wonderful and generous Brothers Cheeryble.

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2 ratings, 1 review

Sami Fisher

January 06, 2012

This book was starting off very well, it had a male dictating with a very fitting British accent. Then, out of nowhere a lady with one of the most profound Mid-Western US accents started reading (I'm from the Mid-West) and it completely ruined it. I would suggest just reading this yourself.