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Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Download Les Miserables as PDF

by Victor Hugo

Les Miserables is an unforgettable 19th century masterpiece of French literature by Victor Hugo, which was first published in 1862. Les Miserables (or "the Miserable Ones") is a story filled with adventure, love, crime, punishment, and redemption. It features such moving and memorable characters as heroic ex-convict Jean Valjean, the undaunted police detective Javert, the tragic prostitute Fantine and her young, innocent daughter, Cosette.

This epic novel moves from the French provinces to the dark alleys of Paris, from the battlefield of Waterloo to the ramparts of Paris during the revolt of 1832. Though each chapter is relatively short - a few pages or so - the book is pretty massive at 1,400 in English (unabridged), 1900 pages in French, and 6300 in iPhone. In addition to the storyline, Hugo fits in his thoughts on religion, politics, society and his famous retelling of the Battle of Waterloo. Therefor this book is not a quick or light read, and one might wait until they're in a full body cast to read this via smart device. Either way it is a magnificent piece of historical fiction to be savored.

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