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The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham

Download The Life of Abraham Lincoln as PDF

by Henry Ketcham

America's 16th and arguably most famous president, Abraham Lincoln was the man who held it all together. He served his country through the Civil War, which was literally its most divisive moment. The Life of Abraham Lincoln by Henry Ketcham is an autobiography published in 1901.

Here we see Lincoln's childhood all the way through his presidency, when he helped preserve the United States by defeating the Confederate States of America, introduced measures which resulted in the abolition of slavery, issued the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863, and helped to pass the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution.

Chapter I. The Wild West
Chapter II. The Lincoln Family
Chapter III. Early Years
Chapter IV. In Indiana
Chapter V. Second Journey to New Orleans
Chapter VI. Desultory Employments
Chapter VII. Entering Politics
Chapter VIII. Entering the Law
Chapter IX. On the Circuit
Chapter X. Social Life and Marriage
Chapter XI. The Encroachments of Slavery
Chapter XII. The Awakening of the Lion
Chapter XIII. Two Things That Lincoln Missed
Chapter XIV. The Birth of the Republican Party
Chapter XV. The Battle of the Giants
Chapter XVI. Growing Audacity of the Slave Power
Chapter XVII. The Backwoodsman at the Center of Eastern Culture
Chapter XVIII. The Nomination of 1860
Chapter XIX. The Election
Chapter XX. Four Long Months
Chapter XXI. Journey to Washington
Chapter XXII. The Inauguration
Chapter XXIII. Lincoln His Own President
Chapter XXIV. Fort Sumter
Chapter XXV. The Outburst of Patriotism
Chapter XXVI. The War Here to Stay
Chapter XXVII. The Darkest Hour of the War
Chapter XXVIII. Lincoln and Fremont
Chapter XXIX. Lincoln and McClellan
Chapter XXX. Lincoln and Greeley
Chapter XXXI. Emancipation
Chapter XXXII. Discouragements
Chapter XXXIII. New Hopes
Chapter XXXIV. Lincoln and Grant
Chapter XXXV. Literary Characteristics
Chapter XXXVI. Second Election
Chapter XXXVII. Close of the War
Chapter XXXVIII. Assassination
Chapter XXXIX. A Nation’s Sorrow
Chapter XL. The Measure of a Man
Chapter XLI. Testimonies

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