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The Galaxy Primes by E. E. ''Doc'' Smith
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The Galaxy Primes

by E. E. ''Doc'' Smith

21 ratings, 6 reviews

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Monty Crabtree

August 04, 2013

E E 'Doc' Smith never ran out of superlatives. He was a very entertaining writer - his themes (obsessions?) here are the same as in his Lensman books. When you finish, I wonder if you would agree that, although his language and characters are in no sense modern, he is a more feminist writer than at first meets the eye.


Chris Lowe

May 22, 2013

Very good read, it could of gone for another 800 pages and would of enjoyed it even more.... Be awesome is it was made into a movie!


Don Durham

November 03, 2012

I enjoyed the story immensely. It could have continued for several hundred more pages and I wouldn't have minded at all.


Doug Crawford

July 13, 2012

Great story. I like the characters, very believable and personable


Peter Hall

June 08, 2012

This takes me right back to the late 50's. Very camp and good fun!


Jacob Cena

January 17, 2012

Good book