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Warlord of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Warlord of Mars

49 ratings, 15 reviews

Before many of the current genres were cemented, Edgar Rice Burroughs began putting out a seemingly endless blur of sci-fi/fantasy/pulp fiction books, starting with A Princess of Mars. The third installment in his Martian - or Barsoom - series is The Warlord of Mars, featuring John Carter: ex-Civil War vet who's full of heroic, non-PC, early 20th century manliness. Carter's beloved Dejah is imprisoned in the Temple of the Sun, and he's had to wait an entire Barsoomian year for the entrance to her prison to be exposed.

John Carter and Hekkador Matai Shang set out to rescue Holy Thern's daughter who is imprisoned with Dejah Thoris and Thuvia. John Carter is beset on all sides as he attempts to free the three hotties and to reunite with his wife. Follow the adventure as Carter chases his foes into the uncharted north pole region where he'll discover new and fantastic alien races. There's action and adventure on every page, as John Carter is faced with new opponents to battle relentlessly. Burroughs uses language from a century ago, but don't let it slow you down - it's charming and fun after a chapter or two. This series is bound to captivate all audiences, as Burroughs dishes out heaps of good clean action - but it's a perfect entree into sci-fi for younger boys. They'll want to read the whole collection before the film John Carter of Mars comes out in 2012.

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Osborn Ramirez

May 03, 2016

This book is the frecking good


Bob Bello

November 22, 2015

Love it! Wish to see a movie adaptation or animated series! Wouldn't that be something? Godspeed!


Christopher Parry

February 09, 2014

After so many years still love it. And noticed the instant transmission of a digital image


Jim S

September 26, 2013



Greta Russell

June 22, 2013

Another thrilling story. Well worth the reading.


Helen Warner

June 07, 2013

This is the third book in a series about John Carter and his adventures on Mars, as written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. It is as exciting as the first two and ties up some loose ends from the second book. Highly recommended reading for lovers of science fiction!


Patrick Fuchs

February 28, 2013

Just as with the first two books in the series, Burroughs weaves a great tale that keeps the reader interested and curious about how things will unfold.


Douglas Chetcuti

February 14, 2013

Great story with continuous action all the way through


Paul Sullivan

November 10, 2012

Great early Burroughs...


Hala Lamloum

August 08, 2012

A great ending of the trilogy.



July 28, 2012

Such a great story, with twists and turns. A great read to escape with.


John Musgrove

May 16, 2012

Good read for non space sci fi


Christopher Champion

April 10, 2012

Favorite of series so far!


James S. Logan

February 27, 2012

Third book in the Mars/Barsoom series - fun read and John Carter becomes Warlord of Mars.


Brett Augustine

February 26, 2012

Really well done again and again I could read this series.