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The Hacker's Dictionary by Eric S. Raymond
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The Hacker's Dictionary

by Eric S. Raymond

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Eric Steven Raymond, who is sometimes referred to as ESR, is a programmer, author and an advocate for open source software. In 1997 his book "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" was published, and Raymond became an unofficial spokesman for the open source movement. But his name was already known in the hacker community, when he became the "manager" of sorts for the "Jargon File" in 1990, which is a collection of slang terms used by various subcultures of computer hackers.

ESR has turned the "Jargon File" into The Hacker's Dictionary, or the book version of the file, which has earned him some fame and some criticism. The Hacker's Dictionary isn't a technical dictionary: it contains the language hackers use among themselves for fun, social communication, and to generally nerd out neologistically.

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