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Seven Little Australians by Ethel Sybil Turner
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Seven Little Australians

by Ethel Sybil Turner

4 ratings, 1 review

This is the story of seven incorrigible children living near Sydney in the 1880’s with their military-man father, and a stepmother who is scarcely older than the oldest child of the family. A favourite amongst generations of children for over a century, this story tells of the cheeky exploits of Meg, Pip, Judy, Bunty, Nell, Baby, and The General (who is the real baby of the family), as well as providing a fascinating insight into Australian family life in a bygone era.

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4 ratings, 1 review

Mrs. Pat Quintal

November 01, 2012

This delightful book about seven children growing up in late 19th c. Australia is somewhat reminiscent of Little Women by L.M. Alcott. The narrator did an excellent job and her Australian accent added that extra touch to a very engaging book.