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Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance by Frances Cavanah
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Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance

by Frances Cavanah

33 ratings, 9 reviews

Originally published in 1959, Abe Lincoln Gets His Chance is a somewhat fictionalized biography of Abraham Lincoln for young readers by Frances Cavanah. These kind of stories for children were popular back in the 1950s and early 1960s. The book was written from Lincoln's autobiography and accounts of Lincoln's friends, but the dialogue is generally made up.

The book opens with Abe's birth in 1809, and focuses mainly on his childhood: growing up in Kentucky, moving to Indiana, losing his mother Nancy and gaining his step-mother Sarah Bush Lincoln, his school days, rafting to New Orleans, and eventually his move to Illinois. The book ends with Lincoln winning the Presidency. This book is about 120 pages and is suitable for a kid's book report or something similar.

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Tyler Le

June 16, 2014

Its a great book.


Bobby Bulldozer

October 11, 2013



Gaylordhill Pudding

October 11, 2013

Indeed i will, ill rest easy as john wilksbooth did when he met big ol jamarcus in jail;)


Alaina Williford

September 25, 2013

To do what?


samantha graves

July 06, 2013

Really good... but it ends right before he goes to washington.


Qworst McQuakins

June 12, 2013

Awsome but horrible farts


Puakenikeni ...

November 07, 2012

Perfect reading for my grandchildren. Good reminders of why he was a people's man!


Justin Beveridge

November 19, 2011


Kip Price

September 09, 2011

I read this book at least a hundred times as a kid and can't believe my luck in finding it!