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The Antichrist by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
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The Antichrist

by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

14 ratings, 2 reviews

The Antichrist (1895) is a book by Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher who, if anything, knew the art of branding. This work is as controversial today as it was when it was published - and a delayed publishing it was, due to said controversy. The Antichrist basically states that Christianity has formulated a concept of evil that has banned the instincts of the "higher man," or intellectually vigorous individuals, and has championed the natures of those who are weak and of inferior spirit. That said he wasn't calling for a ban on Christianity - for some it worked quite well, he thought - but that it was psychologically destructive to the elite of creativity and intelligence.

Some suggest that this should be the last work of Nietzsche's to be read (after Thus Spoke Zarathustra at least) while others critics argue to read this work first. This version was translated by the famous journalist H.L. Mencken, whose straight forward and plain-spoken English crank Nietzsche's prose up to 11. This is the last of Nietzsche's works (after which he went totally nuts), so it can be read as a summation of his bombastic and iconoclastic philosophy. Whatever your persuasion, The Antichrist is bound to get your blood pumping and your mind racing.

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Kende Kefale

August 07, 2012


Glen Gilbert

July 06, 2012

A surprisingly fast read and entertaining as well. Nietzsche pulls no punches, but he does seem at times to be just flailing about. Good pugilistic polemics.