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A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter
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A Girl of the Limberlost

by Gene Stratton Porter

19 ratings, 6 reviews

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Sarah Mariotti

August 03, 2013

I thought this book was great!


Sherri Johnson

September 30, 2012

What a rare treasure of a story! I will most certainly share this one with my own daughters. Elnora is a beautiful picture of what it looks like to live a tempered, self-controlled life...


Betty Franklin

September 01, 2012

This is one of the best books I've read.


Joan Olson

July 07, 2012

An interesting story from long ago. It's uneven and somewhat idealistic, but the life lessons are relevant to every age. I appreciated the story.


Mary Anne Johnson

May 22, 2012

It has been many a year since I first read this beautiful story. Still fills my heart of memories of my youth wandering in the woods looking for the treasures waiting there. What a girl!


J Curran

December 30, 2011

Classic girl-reading from 1909 that my mother and grandmother read. Elnora grows to womanhood at the edge of Indiana's Limberlost swamp.