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Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous by George Berkeley
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Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous

by George Berkeley

1 rating, 1 review

Berkeley uses Hylas as his primary contemporary philosophical adversary, John Locke. A Hylas is featured in Greek mythology and the name Hylas is derived from an ancient Greek word for “matter” which Hylas argues for in the dialogues. Philonous translates as “lover of mind.” In The First Dialogue, Hylas expresses his disdain for skepticism, adding that he has heard Philonous to have “maintained the most extravagant opinion… namely, that there is no such thing as material substance in the world.” Philonous argues that it is actually Hylas who is the skeptic and that he can prove it. Thus, a philosophical battle of wit begins.(Summary from Wikipedia)

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1 rating, 1 review

Peter P

August 30, 2013

Berkeley's THREE DIALOGUES is a classic and an ideal introduction to idealist metaphysics, so would easily win 5 of 5 stars from me. But my 5 stars are for the reader. Very nicely done. Thank you!