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Middlemarch by George Eliot
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by George Eliot

7 ratings, 3 reviews

The book examines the role of education in the lives of the characters and how such education and study has affected the characters. Rosamond Vincy’s finishing school education is a foil to Dorothea Brooke’s religiously-motivated quest for knowledge. Rosamond initially admires Lydgate for his exotic education, and his intellect. A similar dynamic is present in Dorothea and Casaubon’s relationship, with Dorothea revering her new husband’s intellect and eloquence. In both cases, however, the young wives’ expectations of their husbands intellects are not reflected in reality.Despite extreme erudition, Mr. Casaubon is afraid to publish because he believes that he must write a work that is utterly above criticism. In contrast, Lydgate at times arrogantly flaunts his knowledge, making enemies with his fellow physicians. He regards the residents of Middlemarch with a certain amount of contempt stemming from his belief that the townspeople are backwards and uninteresting. However, his education has not included tact and politicking, skills necessary in a small town but are seen by Lydgate as below him, the brilliant doctor.

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7 ratings, 3 reviews

Katie Andril

November 06, 2013

I barely made it through the reader's introductory remarks, and I didn't make it through the first sentence of the novel. The reader speaks in a bizarrely stilted way that is incredibly annoying. >>Update: After reading Gail's review I felt bad for giving up so easily and gave it another try. I really shouldn't complain about someone reading to me for free, and better readers do crop up in later chapters. I suppose Middlemarch is a classic for a reason; it took me a while to get into the story; with such staid sisters, their goofy uncle, and meddling neighbors, I wasn't sure if find someone to identify with, but I eventually began warm to them and I ultimately felt rewarded for sticking it out this time.


Joan Shinnick

July 04, 2013

LONG story and the narration is a mixed bag... I had fun trying to identify nationality by the accents. If you're willing to listen carefully, it's a good story.


Gail Quinn

April 06, 2013

I'm almost through this book. It would make a wonderful BBC miniseries! Too bad reviewer Katie didn't stick with it. Most of the readers do a good job- but she certainly has a point about some if the readers!!!! Some have such strong accents, dialects and flatness of tone that it is painful to listen to while at the same time, they require you to listen very carefully in order to interpret what the true words would be! I do wish the readers could be better chosen. Other that that irritation, I love these books!!!!