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The House of the Vampire by George Sylvester Viereck
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The House of the Vampire

by George Sylvester Viereck

3 ratings, 1 review

It is not so often that one gets to write gay, nazi, and vampire at the same time; but if you add in Nikola Tesla then you have the life of one George Sylvester Viereck, author of the popular House of the Vampire. Viereck was close friends with Tesla, was a Nazi apologist who had interviewed Adolf Hitler, was married to a woman, yet was gay. Weird science all around with this guy.

In House of the Vampire we do not find the usual Dracula-type vampire. Though he does suck some blood, he's really more of a psychic vampire, who feeds off your energy. The gay overtones are in there, but they're subtle, so if that's what you're looking for you'll have to read to the end, which is where all the real twists and turns are.

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Brandie Hunter

April 02, 2012

This book is so cool because of vampires