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Murder in the Gunroom by H. Beam Piper
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Murder in the Gunroom

by H. Beam Piper

5 ratings, 3 reviews

The Lane Fleming collection of early pistols and revolvers was one of the best in the country. When Fleming was found dead on the floor of his locked gunroom, a Confederate-made Colt-type percussion .36 revolver in his hand, the coroner’s verdict was “death by accident.” But Gladys Fleming had her doubts. Enough at any rate to engage Colonel Jefferson Davis Rand—better known just as Jeff—private detective and a pistol-collector himself, to catalogue, appraise, and negotiate the sale of her late husband’s collection.

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5 ratings, 3 reviews

Carol Weaver

April 13, 2013

Liked the story and could follow the gun info fine. The reading was excellent.


Bert Kortegaard

November 26, 2012

Excellent read. If you are interested in guns, even better.


April 22, 2012

love H Beam Piper not Science Fiction but a great mystery.