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The Edge of the Knife by H. Beam Piper
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The Edge of the Knife

by H. Beam Piper

5 ratings, 4 reviews

The Terro-Human Future History is Piper’s detailed account of the next 6000 years of human history. 1942, the year the first fission reactor was constructed, is defined as the year 1 A.E. (Atomic Era). In 1973, a nuclear war devastates the planet, eventually laying the groundwork for the emergence of a Terran Federation, once humanity goes into space and develops antigravity technology.The story “The Edge of the Knife” (collected in Empire) occurs slightly before the war, and involves a man who sees flashes of the future. It links many key elements of Piper’s series. (Summary from Wikipedia)

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5 ratings, 4 reviews

Lorenzo Camillo

February 04, 2016

A clever story of a prof in trouble for a prediction, wirh a surprise ending


Bill Ruckel

March 09, 2013

Good story but I wanted more


JD Hartley

February 15, 2013

It's a good story, but the reader's voice is painful to the ears.


Bert Kortegaard

November 24, 2012

Just about the right length, about the right number of interesting characters and a cleverly constructed plot. A very good read.