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Allan Quatermain by H. Rider Haggard
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Allan Quatermain

by H. Rider Haggard

36 ratings, 15 reviews

Allan Quatermain is a 1887 sequel to Sir Henry Rider Haggard's famous and sensational novel King Solomon's Mines. Quatermain, an English-born Africa explorer of the Victorian era, is the explicit template for the Indiana Jones character. Granted, Harrison Ford is much younger and snappier than Quatermain, who in the Haggard series is an old professional big game hunter and trader based out of South Africa. This series kicked off what's called the Lost World genre, a thread that Edgar Rice Burroughs, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Michael Crichton would later take up.

In this adventure, our titular hero has lost his only son but is burning to get back into some action. He postpones his wedding and persuades some old mates to search for a lost (white) kingdom in East Africa. This action-packed story is well written and doesn't feel out of date at all. It contains daring fight scenes, terrible dangers, and spectacular escapes. Some of the viewpoints of the characters in his work can be old-fashioned (aka racist), and the notion of a lost white race in Africa might seem absurd these days, but all in all, Haggard portrays the natives with grace and dignity, and throws out a ripping good tale of high adventure.

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George Diaz

February 06, 2014

I have always wanted to read this book and now I have. It is with no reservation that I highly recommend this book to anyone who is intersted in history and adventure. I will now read the other books available on the subject of Allen Quatermain.


Ross Hutchison

June 03, 2013

A rousing end to a vibrant tale -somewhat clashing with modern day values, but an indication of that of the 19th century


Griffin Smyth

May 07, 2013

Reminiscent of King Solomon's Mines. An awesome read of a distant land with immense battles and beautiful descriptions of Africa's landscape.


Jared Hodges

March 23, 2013

Great tale of colonial Africa and adventure.


Micah Hummel

December 27, 2012

An excellent adventure story with some interesting insights into the fallacy of " civilized man " . Some great battle scenes as well.


Douglas Chetcuti

October 03, 2012

A very good story full of advanture and suspence.


Andrew Jensen

September 29, 2012

Great book!!! Couldn't wait to red it after I read King Solomon's Mines, and I wasn't dissapointed.


Tony Stinson

August 17, 2012

Beautiful adventure story. Well written and easy to follow


Zal Kutar

August 08, 2012

A Classic is called Classic because it is so. Loved it. Zal Kutar.


Doug Field

June 01, 2012

Interesting adventure with surprisingly good characters.


Bailey M-Nichols

March 18, 2012

Love it


Sonya Devilee

March 04, 2012

I love this book


Alex Perdue

February 28, 2012

Good book..... Thats it


Furzana Khan

January 09, 2012

The lead character is a skilled marksman and he and his two companions set off for adventure after unwelcome circumstances in the uk. They have brave and beautifully descriptive adventures that open up different cultures and worlds. The human elements of the story are both often cruel and heart warming. Everything you need to keep you engaged.


Shelly Yakubovsky

January 04, 2012

This book is sooooo good read it to find out how