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The Accused by Harold R. Daniels
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The Accused

by Harold R. Daniels

72 ratings, 12 reviews

Alvin is a meek and mild college teacher who marries Louise, a former hard-drinking, gambling, and over-spending hussy. They get married to relieve their loneliness, but soon after they get hitched her past comes out. Not even three months in, Louise is murdered and Alvin is the prime suspect.

This courtroom drama switches back and forth between the trial and the lives of Alvin and Louise, and is a pretty solid crime/thriller/suspense piece. Witnesses testimony of Alvin's behavior certainly points the finger at him, which makes one sway back and forth like an actual member of the jury. The author makes good with detailing the emotions and motivations of the characters, which leave us wondering: did Alvin kill his wife?

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Ron Spaulding

March 06, 2014

Entertaining and at the end thought provoking. Easy read and worth your time


Hish Boutiba

January 06, 2014

Very good story


Jim Wiseman

September 22, 2013

This was a great story. It was well-written and very intense all the way through. I thought the ending was a bit disappointing in that it lacked the flare and surprise you expect at the conclusion of a murder mystery.


Stephen Johnson

July 01, 2013

I loved this book, well written and indeed very compelling. I will say that the ending is extremely sad. Like the sort of sad where you get pissed because you spent a couple hours reading this book, rooting for the guy only to learn that there is no happy ending for him. The Portuguese girl arc is truly heartbreaking. I did like it overall though!


Yadi Delgado

June 13, 2013

Sometimes some events in life don't have a definite explanation. A simple read with a complex ending.


Sandi Atkinson

June 06, 2013

Enjoyed this book very much but recommend it with the warning that it is very depressing in many ways. Still, i found it an interesting and fascinating story, well-written with twists and turns.


Daniel Bustamante

February 19, 2013

Good book!


Hema Khurana

February 18, 2013

Good but sad! Hero more sinned against or a case for pshycaitry?


Brian Daniels

January 29, 2013

Written by my father when I was four years old. Nice to see it's still being read. I loved it.


Jaye Bennett

January 14, 2013

I really enjoyed this book and read it in one sitting. Poor Alvin, did he do it??????


Okolo Clarke

December 30, 2012

Never before read a book with so many typos. That being said, once I started, this book wasn't laid down until page 213. Thoroughly enjoyable.


Cindy Roe

October 08, 2012

Real human nature shines through this book. Highly recommended.