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 The Brand of Silence – A Detective Story by Harrington Strong
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The Brand of Silence – A Detective Story

by Harrington Strong

6 ratings, 2 reviews

Harrington Strong was a pseudonym used by author Johnston McCulley, creator of the character Zorro and many others. The Brand of Silence – A Detective Story finds Sidney Prale returning to New York after ten years during which he sought his fortune. But he finds New York a very changed place, and even more distressing, he finds that his old friends are now turning their backs on him, his old haunts no longer welcome him, and there seems to be a conspiracy against him.Why can’t he receive service in hotels, restaurants, and theaters that he once frequented? Who is working against him? And just as importantly, why? And what is the meaning of the notes he receives which remind him of “retribution”?

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6 ratings, 2 reviews

Shelly Webb

April 14, 2013

Seems interesting at first but writing is super boring and characters, dialogue and setting flat. Good to fall asleep to...


July 06, 2012

full of suspense good reading. i really liked the story.