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Walden by Henry David Thoreau
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35 ratings, 8 reviews

Walden by Henry David Thoreau is one of the best-known non-fiction books written by an American. Published in 1854, it details Thoreau’s life for two years, two months, and two days around the shores of Walden Pond. Walden is neither a novel nor a true autobiography, but a social critique of the Western World, with each chapter heralding some aspect of humanity that needed to be either renounced or praised. Along with his critique of the civilized world, Thoreau examines other issues afflicting man in society, ranging from economy and reading to solitude and higher laws. He also takes time to talk about the experience at Walden Pond itself, commenting on the animals and the way people treated him for living there, using those experiences to bring out his philosophical positions. This extended commentary on nature has often been interpreted as a strong statement to the natural religion that transcendentalists like Thoreau and Emerson were preaching. (Description amended from Wikipedia).

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35 ratings, 8 reviews

John Wallace

July 03, 2013

The narrator reads in the voice I'd expect Thoreau had himself. This work got me out into nature and gave me a greater appreciation of my own solitary moments in life.


Kate Barbour

June 11, 2013

This narrator was awful! He was too goddamn slow and deliberate.. Ruined Thoreau experience for me,I identified w parts of it other parts seemed lofty and dated but I hated the narrator so much I really couldn't comment any further on the content.


Nicholas King

December 10, 2012

This is a great book. A very reflective narrative that calls for simplicity in life. The book can seem long at some points but it is very detailed and reminds us that life should not necessarily be hurried. I'm a fan.


Daniel Young

September 21, 2012

An excellent book describing a man turning his back on conventional culture and turning his thoughts inward and so-to-speak "stopping to smell the roses". Very reflective and opinionated on the uselessness of material accumulation. Book is from early-mid 1800s yet is surprisingly relevant to today.


Floy Weather

March 12, 2012

There's no drama here. Thereau described the boring life there, living alone at the pond 4 about 2 years.


Declan Ryan

October 27, 2011

Very good book,found it to be very enlightening,highly recommended


Yuan Stevenson

October 18, 2011

I do miss Concord, MA


LeeAnn Witt

July 20, 2011

I read this in English and just had to read all of it