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Moby Dick, or the Whale by Herman Melville
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Moby Dick, or the Whale

by Herman Melville

92 ratings, 30 reviews

Few things, even in literature, can really be said to be unique — but Moby Dick is truly unlike anything written before or since. The novel is nominally about the obsessive hunt by the crazed Captain Ahab of the book’s eponymous white whale. But interspersed in that story are digressions, paradoxes, philosophical riffs on whaling and life, and a display of techniques so advanced for its time that some have referred to the 1851 Moby Dick as the first “modern” novel.

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92 ratings, 30 reviews

Stephen O'Dea

October 29, 2013

I can't lay the last 5 recordings in the series! Going to have to read the rest for myself. Will have to imagine Stubbs encouraging me to pull on the oars as I go to the library. =)


Peter Tkacik

October 23, 2013

Oh god. This book took forever. I'm so emberassed that i didn't like a classic, but, oh my gosh it was sooo long. 138 chapters!


Noah Charney

June 25, 2013

Amazing book, lives up to its whale of a reputation. And fantastic narrator, Stuart Wills. Makes the book a pleasure throughout. I'd listen to anything he reads.


Belle Forte

June 02, 2013

Stuart Wills is a fantastic narrator! A++


Grant Chirgwin

May 27, 2013

I love it still reading at chapter 8 can't believe there are over 100 chapters. This is every morning, at breaks, and before bed this is my serenity.


Marie Rock

May 05, 2013

Beautifully read by Stewart Wills, this Audiobook makes one feel as if you are in a play. All the the voices done by the reader are true to their characters, read with emphasis and distinctiveness. All of those qualities help the listener get past the tedious portions of the book and enjoy the action scenes.


Patrick Solis

April 23, 2013

The reader is fantastic. I now know all I need to go whaling.


Jap Ponder

March 30, 2013

The book was a complete waste of time. I don't understand how or why this is a CLASSIC!!! Only reason I stayed listening for entire book was because of the reader!!! He did a wonderful job !!! Wish I could search for more that he has read! Good job dude


Alec Rae

December 06, 2012

A brilliant book beautifully read. The early chapters are really humorous and the descriptive passages pure poetry. The experience of having it read is probably better even than reading it.


Nina Richmond

November 20, 2012

Haven't tried it yet, so no comments so far...


Vincenzo Cannavale

November 17, 2012



Jason Doyle

October 19, 2012

It's like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory reading to you. He's too annoying to make it all the way through


Scott Oer

August 15, 2012

This guy reads WAY too fast!


Peter Ruiz

July 30, 2012

It was ok.


LaRae LaBouff

July 11, 2012

This is more of a treatise on the history of whales and whaling that is occasionally interrupted by narrative. The saving graces are the beginning and the end. Very good narration.


Debra Solomon

July 10, 2012

Listening to Stuart Wills read Moby Dick was pure unmitigated joy. This book and Mr. Wills reading of it deserve not 5 or 10 stars, but all the stars in the sky.


June 15, 2012

The book was great


Scott Steiner

June 12, 2012

Fantastic! I am very appreciative of the reader, who did justice to the work.


Ashley Strauss

June 05, 2012

For a 15 year old. This boom is ok I recomend it to 8 10 graders to read


Heather Mack

May 25, 2012

Wonderful! I enjoyed the reader very much, too.


Larry Atkinson

February 27, 2012

Good storie


Luigi Rosatone

February 19, 2012

Finally listened... Great story.


Miranda Mulch

January 14, 2012

It was ok


Emily Yaeger

January 03, 2012

Good golly that guy is annoying


Wes Anderson

December 26, 2011

What a story! The reader is the best! Wish I could read hear it for the first time, one more time...l


Morten Kristensen

November 02, 2011

This is a wonderful book. In Moby-Dick, Melville employs stylized language, symbolism, and metaphor to explore numerous complex themes. Through the main character's journey, the concepts of class and social status, good and evil, and the existence of God are all examined as Ishmael speculates upon his personal beliefs and his place in the universe. The narrator's reflections, along with his descriptions of a sailor's life aboard a whaling ship, are woven into the narrative along with Shakespearean literary devices, such as stage directions, extended soliloquies, and asides. The book portrays destructive obsession and monomania, as well as the assumption of anthropomorphism; projecting human instincts, characteristics and motivations onto animals.


David Strobel

October 01, 2011

What wonderful sentences are at hand all over this great book. A deep and rich treatise on a plethora of life's speculations, obscured but little by the thin patina of the fishery industry.


Kevin Loving

September 25, 2011

Me thinks he really wanted to write a poem, not a story. It was well read and very long. Entering but more educational.


Journee Eldridge

September 04, 2011

Hate this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Michelle Eldridge

July 25, 2011

Idk I haven't read it