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The History of Herodotus, volume 1 by Herodotus
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The History of Herodotus, volume 1

by Herodotus

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The Histories were written between 450 and 420 BC by Herodotus, the "Father of History." In fact the word "history" comes from the Greek meaning "inquiry," which was the title of his work: the first real systematic research done on what had come before. These volumes serve as a record of geography, politics, wars and customs from Greece to as far away as India.

The Histories are also probably the best account of the Greco-Persian wars, without which we might not have had the movie 300. Though Herodotus kicked off the whole history genre, he wasn't as scientifically accurate as he could've been: so the work is full of biases, inaccuracies, rumors, and lies. Not like the history we write today of course.

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