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The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant
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The Critique of Pure Reason

by Immanuel Kant

7 ratings, 2 reviews

If you've made it through some of the more accessible philosophers then perhaps it's time for a bit of Kant. His Critique of Pure Reason is a benchmark in the history philosophy, a work which synthesized the Empirical school, which based all knowledge on experience, and the Rationalist school, which based all knowledge on reason.

Kant was a professor of philosophy during the Enlightenment, so he was well-versed in the various competing schools of thought. And being very German he was incredibly regimented about his day: in fact, they used to say that one could set one's watch on Kant's daily walks. He applied the same intellectual rigor to his work, using mathematics and logic to elucidate his philosophy. Therefore the Critique is not a Beach Read. It's a stay up late massaging your temples in confusion read... but, when you finish the book, it'll definitely be something you can brag about.

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March 13, 2014

I think this book is very interesting so far. Its basically telling us about how the human is limited in some areas because of principles we have learned or have been told by parent or guardians that we look up to. This is probably why its best to have people from different cultures and upbringings into a buisness or science lab because depending on culture,intelect, upbringing and many other things they can have different opinions in the situation wich could expand our and many of the worlds opinions or it cuould lead us to even more discoveries than with just ourselves. (This isnt much of a spoiler because ive only read the first two pages) and the reason i have dots as a "name"is because i sortof messed up my account


David Cox

December 17, 2011

Love the argument or hate it, it makes you think and compare your own current belief structure of reality. That, as much, one must appreciate.