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Jack London's Collection

Jack London (1876 - 1916) was a highly-acclaimed American author of novels and short stories, especially for books The Call of the Wild and White Fang. He was one of the first writers to reach worldwide fame and massive wealth from his fiction alone. London was born in San Francisco, and his backstory is amazing: he was supposedly the love child of an astrologist who demanded his mother have an abortion; thusly she shot herself, lived, and gave the child to an ex-slave to raise. As a child he worked in canneries and as an oyster pirate. Later, while at UC Berkeley, London wrote to his father in Chicago, who disowned him, causing London to leave for Alaska for the Klondike Gold Rush. His experiences there formed the basis of his work.

London's true meter was the short story, and his collection South Sea Tales is a great example of his literary strength. London was a socialist, and his novel The Iron Heel reflects his political views. He was also a famous booze hound, and his autobiographical novel John Barleycorn details his personal struggles with alcoholism. The reference to seeing "pink elephants" as a drunken hallucination has its genesis in this book.

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