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A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison by James E. Seaver
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A Narrative of the Life of Mrs. Mary Jemison

by James E. Seaver

4 ratings, 3 reviews

Mrs. Mary Jemison was taken by the Indians, in the year 1755, when only about twelve years of age, and has continued to reside amongst them to the present time. Containing an account of the murder of her father and his family; her sufferings; her marriage to two Indians; her troubles with her children; barbarities of the Indians in the French and Revolutionary Wars; the life of her last husband, and many historical facts never before published.

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4 ratings, 3 reviews

Russell Stahl

March 01, 2014

Very interesting perspective of life with the Native American tribes in New York State in the late 1700's. This book is not for the squeamish. The readers change from chapter to chapter and it gets a little distracting, but I still enjoyed the book.


Peggy Sharp

December 05, 2011

Love the history!! Beautifully detailed. Can't help but wonder how and when information was found for documentation.


Tanya Avines

November 15, 2011

Three stars simply for the never ending bloody, detailed, gruesomeness of this book. If one has the stomach for such detailed descriptions, then 5 Stars! It's interesting, bubbling over with little known historical facts, from both Indian & Non-Indian, viewpoint, from those who lived it. So I'm not sorry I listened to this book. I didn't waste my time, it was well read, with only 2 rough Chapters. That said, it will still be a long time before I get the images described, in this book, out of my brain. But perhaps, that was the reason of its being published. People need to know what Humans are capable of. Even those who are calling others "Savages".