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An Incident on Route 12 by James H. Schmitz
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An Incident on Route 12

by James H. Schmitz

15 ratings, 4 reviews

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Matt Farr

September 29, 2013

Brief yet suitably macabre.


Margaret Freestone

August 09, 2013

A quick read.


Julian Clarke

September 07, 2012

A bank robber barrelling through the night to a rendezvous breaks down on a lonely stretch of road, leading to a struggle with an odd driver. This short story is pacy and adventurous. The subject may seem a bit cliched, but readers should respect the year in which it was written and the avant garde nature of the subject (as a narrative story, rather than say a comic book) at the time. In any case, it's easy to like a story that can be read in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee or bedtime cup of tea.


Scott Barbar

March 10, 2012

It's short...