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No Clue!  A Mystery Story by James Hay
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No Clue! A Mystery Story

by James Hay

8 ratings, 4 reviews

“No Clue! A Mystery Story” finds detective Jefferson Hastings at the home of wealthy but eccentric Arthur Sloane one hot summer night, when two other guests at Sloanehurst stumble across the body of young Mildred Brace lying dead on the lawn. Sloane’s daughter Lucille asks Hastings to help solve the crime, but Hastings gets surprisingly little help from anybody he interviews, including Mr. Sloane himself and even the mother of the victim. With few clues to aid him and nobody beyond suspicion, including himself, seemingly rock solid alibis begin to fall apart, expanding the list of potential suspects, and Hastings must rely on subtle expressions and the scant evidence at hand to try to solve the murder.

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8 ratings, 4 reviews

Dee Uson

July 18, 2013

Fascinating story and well voiced.


Jane Boren

March 10, 2013

Well read by one reader and a nice example of mystery fiction of that era.


Rose Palmer

December 24, 2012

I really enjoy this book. I most likely will listen to it again. The reader did a great job.


Elizabeth McFadden

July 16, 2012

Really enjoyable. Vivid characters. Loved it