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The Honor of the Big Snows by James Oliver Curwood
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The Honor of the Big Snows

by James Oliver Curwood

1 rating, 1 review

What unseen force may have brought young Jan Thoreau and his music from out of the barren lands into the remote camp of Lac Bain, forever changing the lives of those few who lived there? What brought him to the home of John and Melisse Cummins as the latter lay on her death bed? Moreover, what was the great sorrow and overpowering sadness which permeated the life of the young man in the months and years following his arrival, and by what means was he to struggle with The Honor of the Big Snows?

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1 rating, 1 review

Jim Smith

May 09, 2013

The Honor Of the Big Snows is a wonderful adventure with strong characters and well developed plot. The mystery that surrounds the main character leads the reader forward , wanting to know what is in his past that is so troubling.