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Alice in Wonderland by J.C. Gorham
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Alice in Wonderland

by J.C. Gorham

99 ratings, 13 reviews

Alice in Wonderland-the classic tale of "literary nonsense"-was enjoyed by everyone from the stodgy Queen Victoria to the salacious Oscar Wilde. Images have remained in the zeitgeist since its creation: the Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts. Now out as a 3D movie. So why not enjoy it first in stunning 2D?

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Lara Karim

November 02, 2014

Nice book. But a bunch of spelling mistakes such as lighted which is supposed to be lit and fitted which was supposed to be just fit


Austin Becker

March 11, 2014

Awesome better than the old one derinetly


Dani Howell

October 13, 2013

great book! one of my favorites!


Llewellyn Carter

September 29, 2013

I think it was great but a bit boring in some bits.


Colin everitt

September 13, 2013

great book


Dakota Wolfskill

December 31, 2012

I loved the book Alice in wonderland so I would recommend this book if anyone is bored and wants to read something random


Book Lover

December 01, 2012

Omg it is so borning even though i am a wide range reader it is so not interesting and so unbelivable and you cant imagine any of the details just kiddding it is veeeerrrrry interesting


Twilight Sparkle

September 30, 2012

Its a good book but a long one


Sabrina4065 Singh

July 26, 2012

Love it


Sura Reddy

July 03, 2012

It is ok


Valentina Perez Maximiliano

February 21, 2012

I think alice in wonderland is not just good or great i think is more like a incredible book to read during a nice vacation


Syd R

January 31, 2012

Not the best book.


Chelsea Brooks

December 06, 2011

Good book