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Dear Enemy by Jean Webster
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Dear Enemy

by Jean Webster

10 ratings, 4 reviews

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Paul Russell

November 03, 2013

This book continues on from Daddy Long Legs and shows life in the orphanage that Judy Abbott was raised in. Funny and touching.


Chantelle Gripon

March 21, 2013

Great book! Make sure to read Daddy Long Legs first.



January 14, 2013

This a sequel of sorts to daddy long legs by the same author, although it is not a continuation of the previous character, Judy's story. In Daddy long legs, Judy is an orphan raised in an institution, who is kindly sent to college by one of the trustees of the orphanage. When she grows older she decides she would like to open her own orphanage. Dear Enemy shows the fulfillment of that dream as the story continues with Sally McBride, her college roommate. I found Daddy long legs to be tedious in places as the whole story is told in the form of letters written by Judy. I expected Dear Enemy to be the same as it is also told via letter writing. Instead I found the letters to be extremely amusing and indicative of life with children. There are a few old fashioned notions in the book, after all, each generation has its expert theories on the best way to raise children. However, this book artfully and humorously describes the life of a young female college graduate who suddenly finds herself the mother and superintendent of 111 children.


Amena Hyder

June 03, 2012

A lovely read! Witty and compassionate