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The Black Star Passes by John W. Campbell, Jr.
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The Black Star Passes

by John W. Campbell, Jr.

7 ratings, 3 reviews

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Doug Field

August 19, 2013

Interesting mostly as a curio of old sci-fi. It is reasonably fast paced but the plot is thin and characters generic.


Steve Seitz

February 21, 2012

Three stories in one volume. Plot driven, with a pulp sci-fi feel. Somewhat juvenile, with thin characterization. Still, interesting and enjoyable.


Dave Greene

September 14, 2011

I have a paper copy of this I received from my grandfather when he passed, years ago. It is still one of my favorites and I have come to think of it as a true classic. Entertaining, even fun to read, stemming from a more innocent time, when anything seemed not only possible, but even just around the corner. All of it just one scientific discovery away! I could not more highly recommend this, and the other works of Mr. Campbell....