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The Awakening by Kate Chopin
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The Awakening

by Kate Chopin

23 ratings, 12 reviews

Owing to its highly personal content focused on feminine sexuality, this LibriVox edition was recorded by eight female readers.The Modern Library edition of The Awakening has an introduction by Kay Gibbons, who writes: “The Awakening shocked turn-of-the-century readers with its forthright treatment of sex and suicide. Departing from literary convention, Kate Chopin failed to condemn her heroine’s desire for an affair with the son of a Louisiana resort owner, whom she meets on vacation. The power of sensuality, the delusion of ecstatic love, and the solitude that accompanies the trappings of middle- and upper-class life are the themes of this now-classic novel.” – As Kay Gibbons points out, Chopin “was writing American realism before most Americans could bear to hear that they were living it.”To give you an idea of the subject matter, Project Gutenburg catalogues The Awakening under “Adultery — Fiction — Women — Louisiana — New Orleans — Social conditions.”

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23 ratings, 12 reviews

Ruth Smith

October 05, 2013

Rather stupid


Audie Pope

December 28, 2012

I didn't read it yet


Tricia Nord

September 07, 2012

As usual, there were some readers that really left me completely absorbed in the story, as there were a few that were difficult to understand or read with no feeling. As for the next will book it was very beautiful piece of work into the minds of us complicated women. It also shows how very deeply we feel and carry feelings for years. I fell in love with the main character and often times could relate with her. I am still haunted by this book and it has been months since I've listened to it. I don't know if I am emotionally strong enough to read or listen to it again as it struck me so deeply. It was a true love story. I am adding these last few sentences months after reading this. I am only adding, my own heartbreak still brings me back to this last chapter, and brings a somber, deeply moved, heart wrenching mood to me that I need to address at times. Phenomenal.


Tara Tomblin

August 11, 2012

It sad


Chel Mercado

August 09, 2012

I enjoyed the readers' narration of this typical Chopin piece.


Robert Dumcum

April 10, 2012

The author demonstrates great incite into complex feelings. Not always a "feel good" story but well worth listening to.


Jane McGinnis

March 22, 2012

Good book but sad.


Kae Bailey

March 02, 2012



Ronald Yokoyama

January 27, 2012

Love it


Sissy Rapier

January 24, 2012

Good book


Gia Quarless-Santiago

September 29, 2011

A true reminder that freedom has a price!


Kimberly Espinosa

July 29, 2011

I love the book it's awesome