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The Awakening & Other Short Stories by Kate Chopin
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The Awakening & Other Short Stories

by Kate Chopin

9 ratings, 3 reviews

The Awakening is a classic of feminist fiction by Kate Chopin published in 1899. It was a controversial novel at the time for its frank descriptions of female desire, sex, and suicide. It's set in Grande Isle near New Orleans at the turn of the last century, and features Edna Pontellier as the disaffected house wife whose fledgling notions of feminist rebellion get her into trouble.

The book is semi-autobiographical and a self-fulfilling prophecy: Chopin's life is mirrored in the book, and by failing to condemn her character's desire to have an affair, Chopin's contribution to literature was criticized by Victorian society. The Awakening was somewhat forgotten until the 1960s when it was picked up again by feminists, who realized that not only was it a good piece of fem-lit, but also a great work of American realism.

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Josue Torrico

April 16, 2012

This book is pretty amazing. I was not very happy with the ending, but it's a great read.i like the fact that it is a classic story about finding one's autonomy despite social norms. Chopin deserved praise not insults for this text.


Leticia Mejia

November 15, 2011

The Awakening at first left me wondering to what point was going to be made. However the ending was quite moving and sad. Very beautiful story, true to the realization that women don't have to live up to old ideals.


Harsh Vardhan

October 17, 2011

Very good short stories.Transcends the time and space.Give a great account of human characters of innocent times.Loved every page of it.