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The Truth About Jesus.  Is He a Myth? by M. M. Mangasarian
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The Truth About Jesus. Is He a Myth?

by M. M. Mangasarian

10 ratings, 3 reviews

The following work offers in book form the series of studies on the question of the historicity of Jesus, presented from time to time before the Independent Religious Society in Orchestra Hall, Chicago, 1909. No effort has been made to change the manner of the spoken, into the more regular form of the written, word. and Joanne Pauwels)

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10 ratings, 3 reviews

Jim Fakos

December 11, 2013

The author was on crack. It is ridiculous the amount of times he contradicts himself. To answer the question is he a myth : the author acknowledges that he isnt , he actually walked this earth yet goes on to crap on ( very well mind you) about how the church and christianity has wronged mankind and blames christ and christianity for this... Its like shooting someone and blaming the gun and the bullet for killing a person as opposed to the shooter.


Jimmy Mayle

March 08, 2013

Next lesson, "Age of Reason."


Noel Geoghegan

December 24, 2012

I found Mr. Mangasarian's book very thought - provoking. As a 'Roman Catholic' i realise that i have been brainwashed for the past 50 years, under pain of 'eternal damnation'. An Agnostic