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A Dog's Tale by Mark Twain
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A Dog's Tale

24 ratings, 7 reviews

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Medha Vadlamaani

May 06, 2013

It was good but few errors. The first part is very boring.


Shaun Dinan

February 10, 2013

It was great but... 14 pages. And it started off ao slow, then it just went really quickly! And i never knew she had a puppy until the puppy was blind


Roxanne McIntyre

January 21, 2013

Love books


Cyndi Warren

September 29, 2012

Wow. Starts out as. Charming story narrated by a dog but gets more depressing and ends abruptly on a dismal mote. Made me nauseous. Can't recommend it to anyone who likes animals or is moved by suffering.


Corrina Farnum

August 03, 2012

I loved the book. Very sad, yes, but very well written. Wouldn't expect any different from Twain.


Aaron Parker

June 01, 2012

Usually love Mark Twain but this story was way too sad. Don't read unless you'd like to feel bad. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone I like.


Kayla Botterbrodt

March 30, 2012

This book was okay but not as good as some other books to I'm reading right now.