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Extracts From Adam's Diary by Mark Twain
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Extracts From Adam's Diary

8 ratings, 4 reviews

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M Garana

December 31, 2013

Short story. Positive and amusing. Many of Adam's thoughts about Eve would be recognized by most modern men. Eve's diary was a little better. Adam's cluelessness about babies was funnily familiar.


John Rah

September 01, 2012

The only trouble i had with this book was reading with my eyes full of tears from laughing. I love Mark Twain's brilliant humor.


Rich Bent

July 14, 2012

Mark Twin takes a unique look at some of the baffling and somewhat amusing events surrounding the biblical creation story. Adam and Eve have to find their own way


Pat Fetsch

March 07, 2012

For those of you out there who liked extracts from eve's diary you'll like the sequel extracts from adam's diary. Two sides to every story this rounds it out nicely.